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About Us
If you're interested in publishing with RWP, contact us at

Send us a sample of your work, and we'll review it and return comments at no charge.

If you'd like a taste of the co-op dynamics, email us and we'll invite you to our next workshop!

Rosswyvern Press was originally formed in 2011 as a primarily non-fiction small press based around medical and scientific topics. When the press changed hands in 2012 we changed our publishing interests to:

science fiction
fantasy, both high and urban
steampunk/ alternative fiction
non-mainstream fiction
paranormal romance

Rosswyvern Press is a small business dedicated to advancing authors and artists.  We do not want to take advantage of authors. RWP is divided into two entities, something that makes us special in a world of special people.

We are a small press, but we are also a cooperative of writers, artists and musicians.

The artists' cooperative meets once a month, in person and virtually as some of our members cannot physically be present. These artists review each other's work, present new ideas and workshop projects together.

While our greatest experience lies in workshopping fiction, we quickly branched out into art and are currently inviting musicians to our 2014 workshops as we move into audio media.

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