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Geoffrey Mandragora

Geoffrey Mandragora is the pen name for Brent Mehring.  He is currently completing three years of rehab following a twenty year addiction to historical re-enactment. After decades of arguing with people about what is “period,” his series, The Thunderbolt Chronicles sets the argument, “What is Steampunk?”

The events of The Thunderbolt Affair begin in a version of 1887 nearly parallel to our own history, with one small change. From that one difference, he sought to extrapolate rapid changes in technology and society that would lead to something recognizable as steampunk, while entertaining the reader by telling an engaging story with a memorable cast of characters.

The Eidlerland Incident continues the adventures of Commander Rollins and his submersible crew as they travel through Antarctic waters on a daring rescue mission. Their target is a crew of potentially hostile German "explorers."  

You can find Mandragora's latest at the Rosswyvern press table at any convention we attend. See our
Calender on the Main Page. To obtain electronic access, click the following link: Dive, dive, Mr. Grant!

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